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  2. Welcome to Lanarkshire's centre dedicated to counselling and CBT practices. We are dedicated to providing an accessable, safe and confidential environment to provide support for a variety of mental health issues. 

  3. Lanarkshire Counselling and CBT Centre (LCCC) is Lanarkshire’s dedicated centre for the practice of counselling and CBT. Based in St John Street , Coatbridge, we are dedicated to providing accessible and effective therapy within our community.  The greatest factor in a successful therapeutic process is a good relationship between client and therapist. Therefore we offer a free initial consultation to all clients to order for you to ask questions and to get to know us. From there we can explore together forms of therapy that will best be suited to you. The 'What We Offer' section above outlines the various approaches to therapy that we employ. 



    Our Mission Statement :

    Lanarkshire Counselling and CBT Centre are committed to providing Talking Therapies and CBT in a environment that is safe , confidential and non-judgemental. Our therapists are committed to upholding ethical and inclusive standards for all of our clients. Central to the ethos of our working practice is the process of collaboration. We believe that the pressures and difficulties presented by modern life can best be navigated through discussion and the exploration of different perspectives. Our therapists have extensive training to work collaboratively with you to develop a working plan for your therapeutic process. This will incorporate an understanding of behavioural patterns and the often invisible thought processes behind them. We will identify specific goals to work towards which can be modified as you continue your therapy.